FEB  11 - 17, 2024

Ready to escape the yoga business stress & struggle trap?

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My first lesson after yoga teacher training, was that no one wanted to hire me. So I did a second teacher training. And my lesson from number 2 was that still no one wanted to hire me. 

I never taught consistently until I figured out the business. 

Underlying the service, the spirituality, & the yoga poses was something secret. It was the system all the yoga masters from India were following. It fueled the yoga boom. It was the same thing the models from the cover of Yoga Journal were doing. And it was the same thing you should do. Once you see it, it will be so obvious. 

It's how I've built a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio by teaching yoga. 

And I can teach it to you. 

It's called a value chain. 

Because if you are going to be a yoga teacher, you will struggle. You will stress out finding enough classes like me. Maybe you'll open a yoga studio or 2 like I did. That will crush you too, eventually. 

You will work too hard and that will force you to give too little. The hard truth is if you suck at marketing and business, you will never reach your potential at teaching yoga. That will burn you out and then drop the quality of your service.

It took me 15 years to figure this out but I can teach it to you in just 1 week. Because it's easy when you have the map. 

Come with me to Mexico and we'll do it together. 

The reason yoga teachers aren't successful is because they're doing what they were told and not what their teachers did. 




On day 1, we’ll dive deep in podcasting, blogging, TIK TOK YouTube, and newsletters. I have been so surprised by the spiritual growth required to tell bold stories. I’ll help you turn your raw, authentic, savage story into your magnetic super power. It will improve your life and turbo charge your business. 

On day 2,  we’ll develop your lead magnets. I put the $20 products here. Things like my Dharmify book, ebooks like Retreat Wizard Blizzard, online courses, or bold distinct yoga classes. These feed off your free stuff. 

On day 3, we’ll get into the middle of the value chain. This will be things like how leverage the yoga studios, online memberships, and yoga retreats. 

On day 4, At the bottom of the value chain is the premium offer. We’ll search for how you can deliver massive value and continuity programs. Here I’ll show you how to charge $5000 - $10,000 or more like my coaching program for your special retreat, 6 month or year long program jam packed with bonuses and creative ideas. This will bend your mind so you can serve more. 

On days 5 & 6 we will actively produce offers like yoga retreats, workshops, explore yoga studio ideas, and develop our methods to attract the right people for us to serve . So you will walk away with the best vacation, accomplishments and photo and video assets!  

This is a lot to cover in a week. 

We’ll be supported by photographers, sound engineers, graphic designers and videographers to help you develop your offers. So you’ll walk away having accomplished massive things and built huge skills. 

On top of that, we’ll do yoga each day and hang out at the beach. We’ll network and support each other. And we’ll have the best time! 

Here's what you'll get. 
Everything you need to grow your yoga business! 

  • Podcast Support: Launch your podcast, network with guests, work with a sound engineer to make your intro & outro
  • ​Tik Tok: Learn some of the secrets behind this most important social media channel 
  • Newsletters: Learn why this might be the most important list building tool for you
  • ​Yoga Retreat Best Practices: Hargobind has been involved in more yoga retreats in the past 8 years than almost anyone on the planet. Learn all his tools 
  • Spiritual Growth through writing: Hargobind will share his methods for writing his book Dharmify that you can use to write your books, ebooks, & newsletters. 
  • Fun: We keep it light, have fun, tell jokes and hang out. We say we are on a lifetime yoga journey and there's no rush
  • Yoga Everyday: We'll practice yoga, ice baths, kirtan, & more each day so we can absorb so much learning as our best selves. 
  • High ticket:  Learn the best ways to create offers than can earn you $5,000 or $10,000 and vastly change peoples lives. 
  • ​Online Webinars and Challenges: Learn step by step methods to build your first webinar to sell your most important ideas. 
  • ​Photos for your offers: We will have my photographers with us each day so you walk away with assets. 
  • ​Videos for your offers: We will have my videographers with us each day too!


Casa Om is next to the second largest coral reef in the world! We can walk out and catch a boat to world class snorkeling. You'll love the boat ride and swimming with the fish. 

We'll do class at the cenotes


Our retreat is supported by a host of massage therapists, shamans and healers of various tradition. Massage promotes circulation, recovery, stress reduction, and muscle repair. It increases feelings of well being. Coupled with all our activities, it has a multiplier effect that will seal the positive experience for you. It will likely be the best body work of your life. An extra fee applies but should not be missed! In fact do a treatment every day. 


Karmina is the head chef at Casa Om. She brings years of experience in creating healthy, delicious beautiful food. 

We run a vegetarian kitchen inspired by the practice of ahimsa, or non violence to the animals, as much as possible. 

Feel free to make special requests and get to know our kitchen team. They are the best! 

Or still not sure? 
Awesome. We have so many bonuses for you! 

BONUS # 1 
A signed copy of Hargobind's book Dharmify!

Learn how to leverage all the concepts of yoga for better love, business, and health

Entertaining, witty, insightful and ultimately a useful guide to leveraging the power and tools inside you to overcome every obstacle. Dharmify is the method you need to vastly improve your life.  Plus it tells the story of Casa Om Mexico, Casa Om Potomac, and how Siri Om & I met. 
It's all yours for free! 

$30 Value! FREE!

BONUS # 2 
Casa Om Potomac Recipe e-Book

Make our delicious meals at home! 

Healthy eating is a joy with the right guide. Packed with recipes from our main brunches and dinners, this ebook download, will give you what you need to make our delicious meals at home! And its free too! 

$40 Value FREE!

BONUS # 3 
$750 Credit if you host a retreat at CASA OM POTOMAC!

Use all the lessons I teach and bring a group to Casa Om Potomac

Once you learn the ways of developing offers and attracting eyeballs, you'll see the world as your opportunity. Casa Om Potomac will become a great venue for you to serve and develop your teaching skills. 

$750 Credit to rent Casa OmPotomac too!! 

BONUS # 4 

These are so fun! 

You'll get a chance to get headshots, yoga pictures, teaching in groups and everything you need to build your offers. Our photographers will be available throughout the week! At the end, all the photos will be your royalty free. 

$500 value!  FREE!!!

BONUS # 5 
Video B Roll $1000 value! 

Video Assets are so valuable

Our videographers will be gathering footage throughout the week. We will put this all on drop box for you to use to edit your own videos. This makes your who, what, where, why videos so much more engaging. You'll also have time to hang with our videographers to learn best practices and how to do voice overs. This will be so valuable to you! 
BONUS # 6 

Jam packed with surprises!

Our Casa Om swag bags are stuffed with goodies to support your retreat. One comment we used to get was that people leave so high only to experience a low once they get back to the real world. Get ready for numerous surprises to bring the retreat home and keep the good vibes going. 

$100 value Free! 

BONUS # 7 
Retreat Wizard Blizzard video course $1899 value!

I am a little uncomfortable about this 

I just charged $1899- $3499 for this experience at Casa Om Potomac last week. We filmed the whole thing though! So this is everything you need if you ever want to plan a legendary retreat of your own. The principles here are great for any entrepreneur or wellness professional. This will be yours forever. 

People just paid $1899- $3499 for this
You get it FREE!

BONUS # 8 
$1500 Credit to book Casa Om Mexico for your retreat

Host your retreat at Casa Om Mexico! 

This is half the money you need as a downpayment to host your retreat at Casa Om Mexico. Use this credit to get your retreat off the ground in the best way! 

$5,819 in free bonuses!!!

Here's what they said about my last retreats

Wow. Second visit to Casa Om and another 5 stars. The Accommodations are just plush enough to satisfy the high maintenance members of the family and week long workshop has something for everyone. If you are looking for some rigid fascist Bikram instruction this isn’t your place though they could deliver it, it’s just not the owners style. He is a great entertaining teacher who is super talented,grounded,humble yet very confident in his ability to serve/challenge the clients to take the next step on their life’s journey with yoga as the framework;whether that step is work harder or smarter or even less.Contortion and Handstands are never going to be in my practice at 67 but the exercises to build the muscle and flexibility to do it has opened up new possibilities in my Bikram postures that had plateaued. Already looking at when we can come back
On this trip, I didn’t know what to expect, except for yoga. I GOT SOO FREAKING MUCH MORE!! I broke mental and physical barriers that I never imagined I would. I feel as though my stay added years to my life mentally, spiritually, and physically. The energy… The peace…. The rejuvenation…..

The staff was amazing. Soo kind and caring. The food.. OOOH MY GOODNESS!! The facility… simply beautiful filled with positive energy. The Yoga.. sooo worth it.

The Journey …. Euphoric!!!

Thank You H!!!!!
The best vacation experience I have ever had
My wife told me that I was going on a yoga retreat for our vacation and told me that we (my three daughters her and I) will have fun. Who was into question her? I am not a big yoga person and don’t take a lot of vacations so I badly needed the rest etc. The positive energy was obvious the second we arrived. The manager Letica is amazing and on top of everything (she went out and got us band aids and water when needed) and the staff always smiles and is fantastic. The vegetarian food is excellent and not to be missed. There is so much more. Hargobind is an amazing yoga teacher and spiritual guide and his story is inspiring. He is also an incredibly nice person.


Harg in his words: 

"The goals of yoga and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Reaching different spiritual break thru's are not sustainable with massive anxiety for the future or regret from the past. The karma will haunt you if you don't take care of your business. Entrepreneurship and material success are pointless and hard without higher purpose and vision. 

When you find the right way, or dharma, you leverage every bit of energy you can find. These are the methods I used to build my family, my retreat centers, and stay consistent in my yoga practice. 

I am so excited to share them with you." 

$3499 Private room private bath
 $2999 Shared room private bath

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Everything Included! 

  • Retreat Wizard Matermind:  Business development, yoga, ice baths, networking  
  • Building your value ladder: everything you need to crush it in the the yoga business -newsletters, Tik Tok, youtube, podcasts, book writing tips 
  • Retreat best practices: Learn my 3 tips to double your retreat revenue 
  • ​6 nights/ 7 days: At the beach in the coolest Mexican town 
  • ​Delicious Meals: Prepared by our private chef 
  • Photos: Get a trove of great photos to use for your business
  • Videos: Get video assets to use for your business  
  • ​Bonus 1: A signed copy of Dharmify book $30 Value 
  • Bonus 2: Casa Om Potomac E cookbook  $40 Value 
  • ​Bonus 3: Group photoshoot $500 Value
  • ​Bonus 4: Retreat Wizard E-course. Learn to run your own retreat - $1899 Value 
  • ​Bonus 5: Casa Om Swag Bag full of surprises! $100 Value
  • ​Bonus 6: Credit at Casa Om Mexico $1500 Value! 
  • ​Bonus 7: Credit at Casa Om Potomac  $750 Value! 
  • ​Bonus 8: Video b- roll from the event $1000 Value! 
  • ​*Bonus 9 ONLY FOR THE FIRST 5*- a professionally edited promo video for any offer you want! $1500 value! 

That's $10,318 in value for as low as $2999!

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